Les Tables cares about her guests and her environment and is proud to make the collaboration with the Soepbus official.

Every Tuesday and Thursday the Soepbus (Salvation Army) drives around with soup. The Soepbus stops at various places throughout the city to hand out the soup to people who don’t have much or nothing at all. A warm cup of soup and a good conversation goes a long way.

All 23 members of Les Tables have pledged to serve a well stocked soup. With 23 members there is plenty of variety! Every Thursday a member will prepare a hearty soup and this will then be picked up by the Soepbus.

And for the smart people among us; each member does this at least 2 times, so all 52 weeks of the year are covered.

Restaurant O kicked off the series with a delicious fish soup… and even had some warm sweaters lying around – which were gratefully received!