Concrete actions will be taken to ensure that the centre remains easily accessible and that CO2 emissions are reduced in order to contribute to a healthy living, working and working environment. That is the ambition of Les Tables.
That is why the many different hospitality organisations have joined Maastricht Bereikbaar approach for the centre, following in the footsteps of Vereniging Ondernemers Centrum, Ondernemend Wyck, Mecc Maastricht, Bonnefantenmuseum, Q-park, Maastricht Marketing and Centre Management. Les Tables wants to inspire its members, residents, guests and other sector associations to make the movement towards more sustainable mobility and a liveable and safe city centre together!

A joint ‘Act of Ambition’ was signed on 6 February. Annaline Doelen, board member Sustainability & Innovation of Les Tables: “Our 23 members want to consciously inspire their environment. As an entrepreneur you usually only benefit from sustainability in the longer term. But … in the short term you can already contribute to the way the guest experiences the city: hospitable, healthy and safe. That’s what we work hard for together.”

The city centre plan of Maastricht Bereikbaar for visitors, entrepreneurs and interest groups is one of the projects of the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Agency. The Programme Agency works on sustainable mobility in the city and region. Director Louis Prompers: “Chapeau for those entrepreneurs who, on top of their daily efforts, want to invest with us in more sustainable mobility. Guests are nowadays looking for an experience; shopping, film, theatre, museums and certainly also catering! With an experience for visitors, together we make Maastricht future-proof”.


Les Tables will start with the following actions in the near future:

Working on the accessibility of Maastricht for visitors. With the Smart Map of Maastricht Bereikbaar, which is easy to add to the website of entrepreneurs, visitors will find all current traffic and parking information.

Working on ‘green’ city logistics. For three months, the 23 Les Tables members will test an ‘e-cargo bike’ and a ‘family urban Arrow bike’ as an alternative to the car. Together with Ondernemend Maastricht, Les Tables will be the conversation partner for Zero Emission Urban Logistics, in which, among other things, collective waste collection and bundled supply will be considered.

Working on a ‘greener’ travel behaviour of our own employees. A mobility scan is used to map out where employees live and how they travel to work. In order to find the smartest and greenest travel possibilitiy, i.e. via Public Transport, P+R and bicycle so that the car is not automatically chosen for every journey.