Together with the Tempeleers,  Les Tables organized ‘the Masterclass Carnivalogy 2020’. The event where Carnival and gastronomy come together. All visitors, residents and ‘real carnavalists’ will be tested about Mestreechter Carnival. An evening filled with tradition, history and culinary delights.

This year the Masterclass will take place on four evenings at

  • February 29 Le Petit Bonheur (sold out).
  • February 5 Restaurant O (sold out)
  • February 11th SOFA (sold out).
  • 17 February ‘t Kläöske (sold out)

Prince Luc d’n Twiede

The ‘hoegen hoeglöstegheid’ surprised the guests at Restaurant ‘O’. Together with his ‘Tempeleers’ he took part in the Masterclass and shared personal anecdotes with the attendees. A successful and well cared for evening!

As a token of gratitude Dennis, Charlotte (owners) and Tuur (host) received a unique medal of the ‘Orde vaan ‘t Soppegreun!’



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