At Bijzonder, you can really enjoy your dinging experience with your table companions.

Unlike anything else.


Bijzonder means special, unique, exceptional – unlike anything else, different from the norm. To us, the everyday – the ordinary – is something extraordinary. That makes it special for us.

‘Is this pastry sugar-free? What type of dairy do you use? Is it from a pack? Where do you source your meat?’ Questions like these are very common at Bijzonder. People want to know what’s in the food they eat, where it comes from, and whether it’s good for them – and they have the same questions when eating out too. This trend has been on the rise in recent years and, if you ask us, it’s here to stay!


At Bijzonder, you can enjoy dishes that were prepared with a passion for good and healthy food. In my view, this means lots of vegetables, a little meat and fish, no sugar, not too much wheat/gluten, and lots of plant-based dairy substitutes. Naturally, everything is organic and prepared in our very own kitchen. Enjoy with a good glass of wine or a cheeky craft beer for the perfect evening. Do you dare to be different?


At Bijzonder, you can really enjoy your dinging experience with your table companions. Based on your selection, we will present you with multiple slightly smaller dishes that were designed to be shared. This is the best way to discover as many flavours as possible!


The Bijzonder concept was inspired by a passion for cooking, a unique philosophy on healthy eating, and unquestionable love for the hospitality sector.


We are open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and for breakfast as well at weekends.



Luikerweg 33, 6212 ET Maastricht
Cuisine: Organic
Menu price breakfast: starting at € 5,50
Menu price diner: starting at € 19,50


Wed, thu: 12.00 – 23.00
Fri till sun: 10.30 – 23.00
(Kitchen closes at 21.00)


T: 043 311 00 03
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