au Mouton Blanc.

Joie de vivre in a historic building.

Pure enjoyment.


Grand-café Au Mouton Blanc is situated in the heart of Maastricht, in a historic building dating from 1764 that once served as the city’s council chamber. At that time, a guillotine next to the entrance served as a dire warning to potential ne’er-do-wells. Now, you can expect a warm welcome from experienced staff and an extensive selection of drinks and dishes. Enjoy a taste of Maastricht!

Grand-café Au Mouton Blanc is located on Kersenmarkt, in the heart of Maastricht. The café has two entrances: one on Kersenmarkt and another on Achter het Vleeshuis. Both entrances lead to the same cosy café where you can expect the warmest of welcomes.

Grand café au Mouton Blanc.


Kersenmarkt 10, 6211 GP Maastricht
Cuisine: Regional, Dutch, French
Seats: 60
Menu price: starting at € 21,50


Mon till sun: 10.00 – 02.00


T: 043 321 59 92
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